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Cabernet Sauvignon

Oak fermented and aged in the barrel for two years. This noble classic has a smooth deep body with notes of black currant, blackberry, pencil lead, tobacco, mint


13.1% (Blend) Cranberry wine, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s dry like a Cab and tart from the cranberry (2011 is drier than 2015). Trace amounts of premium cranberries are added during the fermentation process to provide a smooth mouth feel to this premium grape.

Twin Valley Red

12.5% (Farm Blend) A blend of chamborcin, Baco Noir, and Niagara. It has a sweet nose feel but finishes dry. A special blend of Portuguese, French American hybrid, and native American grapes. Semi-sweet and delicious. Great for sangria!

Kog Hill Red

11.5% (Noble Blend) Cav/Sav blend + Chambourcin hybrid. Our premium estate wine is a careful blend of noble grapes and French American hybrids.

Pinot Noir

12.4% A light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black cherry, raspberry, or currant.


13.1% A harmonic blend of sweet red grapes with cinnamon and clove. A sweet smooth spice wine.

Popping Peacock!

10.4% Our first sparkling wine! Premium Asian pears grown locally, fermented to a crisp fruity finish.

Pinot Gris

12.4% (Hybrid PA Grape) Refreshing citrus flavor and zesty acidity. Flavors of lime, green apple, Meyer lemon, and white nectarine.


12.3% (Noble) Grown along the Rhine River in Germany. A surprisingly rare grape with flavors of pineapple, lychee, and grapefruit.

Chardonnay Classic

13.5% (blend) A blend of non-oak and French oak Chardonnay resulting in a delicate balance of flavors.

KOG Hill White

13.9% KOG Hill White (Blend) Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Well balanced, this light crisp blend entices the sense with aromas of pear, honeydew, and lemongrass.

Chardonnay Grand Reserve

14 % (Noble) Driest white wine at KOG Hill. Aged 3 years in French Oak Barrels This is our driest Chardonnay yet. You will think you are drinking a fine brandy!


13.2% Subtle nuances of mineral and slate in a perfect balance with aromas of Asian pear and nectarine flavors. Not sweet, not dry, just right!

Vidal Blanc

13.2% (Hybrid) Grape is used to make ICE wine, but we use it to make table wine. Crisp, “on the porch” summertime drinking wine. Bursting with aromas and flavors of pear, melon, and peaches. Full bodied with an elegant finish.

Sunset Blush

12.5% (Farm) American farm grape – made from Stilbene grapes. A KOG Hill exclusive. Our blush offers a great alternative to a dull white zin.


13.9% (Farm Hybrid) Crested 100 years ago, it’s a hybrid from Delaware, Ohio. Farms were having trouble with their soil so they created this grape to grow in the given conditions. A juicy mix of grapefruit, pineapple, and citrus flavors are light and fruity on the palate.


10.7% (Farm) Sweetest white grape- It’s like drinking white Welch’s grape juice. Sweet with lots of native grape flavor. Grandma’s grape juice with a kick!

Spiced Apple Harvest

11.3% For a special treat, serve warm for those long winter nights. Finish with cinnamon and clove. A great chilled wine too!



BlueBerry Merlot

Blueberries are added during the fermentation process to provide a smooth mouth feel to this premium Bordeaux style wine.

Blackberry Merlot

Blackberries are added during the fermentation process to provide a smooth mouth feel to this premium Bordeaux style wine.


11.2% (Farm) Sweetest red wine, similar to grape jelly or Welch’s red grape juice. A semi-sweet wine. Just like eating grapes off the vine.

KOG Hill Dessert

Extremely intense golden raisin and honey character makes this wine a dessert by itself.

Milo Hard Cider

Dry Oaked Cider.

Strawberry Lemon Sangria

7% This delicious blend of strawberry wine and our special lemon recipe. Summertime favorite!

Peach Harvest

13.2% We bring in 2000 pounds of peaches from Weaver’s Orchard and we hand pit them and their juice into wine. Sweet peaches all the way!

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